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Can I access my storage 24/7? 

Of course! You will be given an access card after renting a storage. With the card, you can access the storage around the clock. Unlike some other mini storage companies, we don't require booking in advance. You can store or take things anytime as you wish.

Can I visit your storage first before renting?

Of course! Just call us anytime to make a booking with our customer representatives at 8108 2112 or click here to leave a message, we will reply you as soon as possible. 

How can I ensure my belongings are secured? 

Good question! In Brilliant Storage, we place high attention on security. Not only do we offer a safe & clean environment but we also follow the FSD regulation strictly. All our fire resistance walls, doors and glasses have undergone performance test and are examined on a regular basis. 

In addition, we have installed CCTV, intelligent access system which run around the clock. We ensure that every corner of the storage is under surveillance 24/7. We endeavor our best to protect our customers' personal and their belongings' safety. Please click here for details. 

Do you have a constant temperature system in Brilliant Storage?

Yes, our air-conditioner and dehumidifier are operating around the clock, ensuring that the temperature of the storage is between 25°C-27°C and the humidity is between 55%-65%.

Does Brilliant Storage comply with the latest Fire Services Department (FSD) regulations?

Yes, all our branches are under the FSD supervision and all our facilities, including fire resistance walls, doors and glasses, are certificate proven to conform with the FSD regulations. We follow strictly the FSD regulations in order to protect our customers' personal and their belongings' safety. Please click here to learn more about our preventive measures. 

How long is the contract period of renting a storage? 

Our contract period starts from one month up to 1 year. Discount will be offered to customers who signs up a long term contract. Please click here for details.  

What document do I need to prepare when renting a storage?

You only need to bring along your HKID card. For business purpose, please also bring along your Business Registration certificate for reference.

Can I switch to a bigger / smaller storage?  

Sure! Our customer representatives are happy to assist you changing the suitable size of storage. You just have to tell us if you need a bigger or a smaller one. Then, we will arrange a new storage for you. And the payment will be counted according to the new size of the storage.

Is there anything forbidden to store in the storage? 

Food or anything considered harmful, dangerous or prohibited by law, included but not limited to flammable, explosive, chemicals, drugs, is not allowed in Brilliant Storage.  

Customers shall take full responsibilities of the belongings stored. In case of breaching terms & conditions of the service agreement, Brilliant Storage reserve the right to make final and conclusive decision and forfeit any paid deposit. 


What should I do if I want to move out my storage?

Simply inform our customer representatives 14 days before. We will return you the deposit within 10 working days after the storage is cleared.

Contact Us

More questions? Just drop us a message here and we will get back to you as soon as possible :) 

Hotline : 8108 2112  Whatsapp: 9650 2389

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