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Safe & Clean Environment

To ensure all the customers' personal and their belongings' safety, the FSD (Fire Services Departments) has strengthened their control over all self storages in Hong Kong. Any self storage which is unable to meet the latest regulation will be forced to close down.

In order to protect our valued customers, Brilliant Storage has taken the following actions which strictly follow the FSD fire regulations: 

In addition to fulfilling the FSD requirement, Brilliant Storage goes the extra mile to add value to your customer experience 


24/7 CCTV monitoring the real-time situation of the mini-storage

-Ensure clients' personal and belongings safety.

24/7 Air Conditioner & Dehumidifier

- Temperature is between 24°C-26°C
- Humidity is between 55%-65%

Fire Resistance wall, FSD regulation

Fire Resistance Wall,
Door and Glass 

✔ Fire resistance test 
✔ Certificate Approved
✔ EU Fire Standard  
✔ British Fire Standard

2.4m corridor, FSD regulation

2.4m Corridor

✔ Each set of cubicle occupy no more than 50m²

✔ 2.4m corridor between each set of cubicle

1m distance between ceiling and storage cubicle

1m between the ceiling & storage cubicle 

✔ Each storage cubicle with height ≤2.35m
✔ 1m distance between the ceiling & storage cubicle

Directional signs FSD regulation

Directional Signs

✔ Certificate Approved 
✔ Conform with FSD requirement 
✔ Sufficient number of directional signs

Fire hose FSD regulation

Fire Safety Equipment

✔ Fire hose & fire extinguisher provide extra protection on customers valued belongings & property

breakable window FSD regulation

Access & Breakable Window

✔ Certificate Approved 

✔ Conform with FSD requirement 


24/7 Intelligent Access System 

Current customers can enter the storage anytime! No previous booking is needed.  Easy and Convenient ! 

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