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Storage Tips

New to the storage world? We've got some tips for you ! 

1.  Construction Area vs. Usable Area

Look out for some storage website, they list the price of storage based on construction area instead of usable area. For example, if the construction area is 20sq. feet, the usable area will be less than that. As a result, you are paying a higher price than you should. In Brilliant storage, our price is listed based on usable area. So, customers only pay for the actual size of the storage. 

2.  Compare the final price of different storage brands

Some storage claim they have a high discount price up to 60% or even 70% off to attract customers. However, their original price are set at an exceptionally high level. In return, customers may still pay a high price after discount. 

In Brilliant Storage, all prices are listed in a reasonable range. We don't exaggerate the discount rate just to attract customers. We play it fair to provide what customers' needs. 

3. Storage Location 

Some storages offer a cheap price to customers because their location is not accessible by public transportation. It is inconvenient for customers especially when they have to move in/out their belongings from the storage. 

In Brilliant Storage, all our branches are reachable by public transportation. In addition, parking is available if you are coming with your own vehicles. 

Easy Storage

Safe and Secure at Brilliant Storage

Image by Lia Trevarthen

Store Your Belongings With Us!

At Brilliant Storage, we know what exceptional service means. We provide a wide range of features that enhance our clients’ experience, and set us apart from competitors in the industry. We listen to customer's voice in order to provide the best renting experience we could.


Your Stuff — Our Commitment

It can be difficult to find reliable and trustworthy storage solutions. At Brilliant Storage, we guarantee quality and commitment in all we do, and cater to your specific needs and requests. We offer No Long Term Commitment so you know you can count on us when you’re storing at Brilliant Storage.

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